Who are we?

The Old Stone Tavern is located at 434 Greentree Road in Pittsburgh’s West End community, and is the oldest commercial building in Pittsburgh.

Concerned about its deterioration, and the likelihood that the private owner would demolish the Tavern,  Pittsburgh’s Old Stone Tavern Friends Trust, Inc. (POST) started in late summer of 2013, with the mission “To secure Pittsburgh’s Old Stone Tavern and its property, provide for its long term preservation, and educate the public regarding its significance in United States History“.

POST Friends Trust incorporated in Dec 2013, elected directors in April 2014, and gained 501(c)(3) status Sept 10, 2014 retroactive to Dec 30, 2013. In the middle of May officers held a friendly meeting with the current tavern owner and discussed purchasing options.

Meetings are usually held on Wednesdays at 1pm and are open to all. Our meeting location varies based on availability, so please contact us for the latest venue.

In late May of 2014 the board agreed on an initial fund raising target of $650,000 through 2015 to purchase the property, start research and restoration, and organize historical information for educational purposes. You are invited to become a friend of the Tavern for $5,  and donate to help save the tavern, by visiting our membership and donations page.

More information about Pittsburgh’s Old Stone Tavern (POST):